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Carnival Essentials Package PRE-ORDER

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This Carnival Package allows our customers to save a whopping $30  on this AMAZING early bird special. 

Package Includes:

Fishnets (V Cut or Regular)

Handheld Fan that comes with a built in portable charger

Skin tone pasties


Once the Carnival Essentials Package has been added to your cart fill out the following format in the "Special Instructions for Seller" box. 

Type of Fishnets (V-cut or Regular) & Shade of Fishnets (Suntan, Little Color, Caramelo, Salmon, Gentle Brown)

Type of Eyewear from our Eyewear Selection

Shade of Pasties

Once you've completed your Special Instructions for Seller complete check out & we'll send you a confirmation email!

Look out for updates following up to pick up & Please Contact us at in the event that you do run into problems concerning check out. message use at 340-473-0860